Советы психолога на лето

1. Summer holidays - this is the best time to finally provide the child with what you were going to for a long time, but did not have time during the school year.
2. Из широкого спектра возможностей выберите те виды летнего отдыха, развлечений, занятий, которые устроят Вашего ребенка и Вас. From a wide range of options  select the types of summer  activities that will suit your child and you.
3.. Note the tendency of children to active kinds of rest.
4. Use the holidays for your child everyday to acquire useful skills (car repair, home improvement and other activities).
5. Joint activities of parents and maturing children during the summer holidays can and should be an excellent school of communication and understanding..
6. . Summer gives you the opportunity to evaluate the increased level of your child's opportunities, overcome old patterns of child-parent relationships, assess the child as possible or or already formed assistant.
7. Success of work in activities not related to the study, may be important in the prevention of insecurity, anxiety, low self-esteem.
8. Vacation - time of the feelings. Feelings are very serious. The rapid and transient craze can be perceived as a big serious feeling for all life long. Parents are unlikely to stop the "adult" child froms errors, but they are able to give a child more support. Indignance, sadness - is"normal" to feel after disappointment. It is important to support the child, showing compassion.
9. Let your child feel like an adult and independent. Independent decision-making and responsibility for it - an integral part of adulthood. Let your child make mistakes. No man is an adult, without mistakes.
10. Each of your child friends - a great opportunity to see what their needs are not realized in communion with you. As strange and exotic they may seem to you, they need it for some reason, so they should not be sharply criticized. The effect can be reversed.


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